Format & Rules

1. Individual medal (stroke play) and net (handicap adjusted) scores will apply to each flight 

2. Each player has been given a handicap and according to your handicap, you are placed in a proper division.

  • Flight A - Handicap 0-9
  • Flight B- Handicap 10-14
  • Flight C- Handicap 15-19
  • Flight D - Handicap 20-36

3. Flights B and C will play through out the golf course as lateral if your ball goes in the hazard, environmentally friendly area, or water, point of entry with one stroke penalty.

4. If your score is 3 strokes over par per hole, please pick up your ball and go to the next hole.

5. There will be one scorecard and the team captain will write all the scores for all four players. After finishing 18 holes, all 4 players should sign the scorecard and the captain should return the scorecards to the pro shop.

6. Cheating will result in automatic disqualification and there will be no refund for your entry fees. Cheating is not limited to reporting incorrect handicaps, that is a form of cheating and an act of dishonesty. Scores that are extremely variant from your handicap will also result in disqualification. This is a golf tournament and not a social gathering. Cheaters will be banned from all future events.. If you are not cognizant of the rules and regulations and etiquette of the game of golf, please refer to the USGA website before you tee off.

7. Any questions regarding the rules during play, make a note and give it to the rules committee.

8. In case of a tie after the golf round, the rules committee will decide the winner by a predetermined tiebreaker.

9. Remember this is not a golf festival; it is a golf tournament, Play by the rules and with golf etiquette Do not play slow, slow play will result in stroke penalties for the foursome, further infractions will result in you skipping holes to catch up with the time clock, and eventually your group will be disqualified. There will be no mulligans or gimmies...that will result in DQ.

10. Prizes will be awarded for each flight for 1st and 2nd place low net and low gross